GSPF Special Collection

Hello again,

First, we noted that our previous email was well-received! Fantastic.

This Friday we want to draw your attention the Gothenburg Street Photo Festival that took place a while back, in a rough and secluded part of the Gothenburg port (yes, really).

We were there.

Not only for the many interesting presentations and the Fight Club-esque vibe, but our in-house print department helped by printing the nominated photo contest contributions for the exhibition, and our Editor Filip Svensson put on his journalistic scarf and created an article called META.

If you’re curious, you can view the just published article here:


GSPF Meta in Pictures


But that is not all.

In collaboration with some of the nominees and winners of the contest, we have created a special SPART Gothenburg Street Photo Festival collection! For you to browse, enjoy, and if you find that special image that feels like the long lost twin of your soul – put on your wall.


GSPF Special Collection

And while we're on the subject, let us introduce one of our newly signed photographers – Benedek Varga! His imagery is moody and conplentative. Stillness, with a sense of waiting. We love it.


Photographer Benedek Varga

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