Hello again!

Yes, hello again!

We’ve been so busy behind the scenes, signing new photographers and curating the website. Things are brewing. Visions are coming to life!

Like our magazine SPART.WORKS where we not only present the human behind the lens, but let you get close to why they see the world the way they do.

Speaking of our new photographers.

We couldn’t wait for the articles to come out, so here is a brief presentation of three of them:

Gulli Már

Photographer Gulli Már

If you can figure out what is going on in his pieces, you’re probably upside down already. Thinking about how to perfectly balance a chord and a banana with a huge slab of empty space, or perhaps some frozen hotdogs to symbolize mankind’s failing effort to climb the stairway to… heaven? To nothing? Who knows. But we love it. Abstract poetry, in motion, caught in the act.


Julia Reinhart

Photographer Julia Reinhart


There is a certain sense of peace, and timelessness in Julia’s imagery. A conscious counterbalance to the brutality she witnessed as a photo journalist. Her ethereal images consists of sublime compositions, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Between art, and life. As a photographer she draws on the old masters such as Eddie Adams, Margaret Bourke-White and Vivian Maier, who all conveyed a sense of ”being there,” and the minimalism of Piet Mondrian and the school of Bauhaus. Or, like the sand through the hourglass, so is the sand in Julia's lens.


Adrian Whear

Photographer Adrian Whear

Abstract shapes and shadows, often framing us, the people, in a way that almost makes us look like visitors on our own planet. Explorers. Or just a part of the geometrical scenery. Chance, as proof that although we’re here, we’re not really sure what here is.

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