Plexiglas® Mounted Images

A new floating window into an alternate reality for your home or office perhaps?

We can now offer a selection of our images “Face Mounted” behind a sheet of optically clear gallery quality Plexiglas® acrylic. This mounting method preserves the image against the ravages of time, light and atmosphere while enhancing the colors and depth of the image bringing an added layer of realism to the viewing experience.

It almost feels as if you can dive into the image which other methods of presentation simply cannot compete with.

True closeness to the artist’s vision if you will.

SPART Editions: Our acrylic mounted images also come with a signed certificate of authenticity laminated on verso by the Photographer and our Creative Director insuring the provenance and the future value of your art.

Which is a good thing, as the sophisticated and robust combination of UV resistant acrylic on the front prevents the colors from fading for at least 75 years (probably a lot longer but we will wait and see until then before we promise so) together with ultra durable double aluminium composite Dibond backing, creating a laminated sheath protecting the photograph from front to back and safeguarding your investment for coming generations. An instant heirloom to be enjoyed from day one.

In order to maintain the optical feeling of depth and clarity while being pragmatic in thinking of the weight of the piece when finished with regard to shipping weight, handling, hanging and what most regular walls can handle we use 4mm thick Plexiglas® and 3mm Dibond but if other measurements are more suitable for you, we are more than happy to fulfil your wishes and paint outside of the lines if required.

The size offered is what we offer for ready purchase but we can create custom sizes up to 290x180cm if you get in touch with us and even larger for public spaces with forklifts and cranes getting involved.

Give us a challenge and we shall rise to the occasion.