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HRAUNFOSSAR By Jón Páll Wilhelmsson | SPART

Earlier this week we published the stunning Icelandic landscape photography prints of Jón Páll Vilhelmsson and we also announced our new offering: Plexiglas® mounted images.
Today we want to draw your attention to new offerings of ours which we have been working on for quite some time:

THE BAG By Victoria Khatib | SPART

Fine Art Prints
Our Fine Art Prints are limited editions signed by the photographer, printed on the beautiful 100% cotton premium paper Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth by non other than Hahnemühle.
What is more, each print ships with a Box frame if you so desire.


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Speaking of frames, finding and fitting a frame can be a bit of a headache and although nothing beats having an image lovingly framed by a professional, the cost, time, and effort can be daunting.

And there are those pesky international standards.
Or should we say non-standards.
People came upon these ”standards” based on the size of their machinery that pressed the paper pulp into sheets. The sheets were then folded and sliced into smaller arks that became our known paper formats.
So, if Horst in Schwarzwald had one size and his cousin Ernst that moved to Philadelphia had spoken more often, we wouldn’t have an extra inch on American Movie Posters when we order a ”Movie Poster Frame” from Europe. (The European Movie Poster, if made by Horst indicates that he may have travelled, 70x100cm size is called ”Un Foglio” which isn’t very Teutonic, but we digress… Where were we?)
Anyhow, today we end up with the limitations of the tools that people who have been pushing up daisies for centuries had to live with in our daily lives.
So, at SPART we mix and match the standards and traditions and our own, so that you don’t have to squeeze a square into a rectangle.

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