NEW images by Johan Siggesson

From the Abyss by Johan Siggesson | SPART

What if the line is blurred?

Siggesson’s striking imagery blurs the line between our past and our present, and perhaps even between life and art. Forcing us to reflect upon who we are – because who are we, if not a contrast to something else?

And if the line is blurred…


I see You by Johan Siggesson | SPART


It makes you wonder about what it means to have a soul.

What it means to be a being, and being alive.


Photo Horny Beasts by Johan Siggesson | SPART


If we are not all smeared out edges. Entities, intertwined.

If we are not all… art.


Rockstar by Johan Siggesson | SPART


We are proud to present no fewer than 13 new images by Johan Siggesson, whose artistry elevates the very meaning of nature photography.


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