New Photographer: Niklas Lindskog

Take The Hatmaker for instance,

What does it make you think of? How does it make you feel? Can you in some way relate to The Hatmaker?

He has his shop. He has his apron and measuring tape. Glasses hanging from his neck.

He is ready.

But the shop is empty.

He looks to the side. Perhaps to see if there is a customer approaching. Or, perhaps, to ponder his own relevance for a second. His very own existence. If his life as he knows it belongs to another time. Misplaced, or forgotten. Who is he now?

Who am I, now?


The Hatmaker by Niklas Lindskog


Is this what The Girl with a Pearl Earring is wondering about, too?

As she takes a second to pause from the everyday commute, going from somewhere, again, to somewhere else, again.

But she is wearing her pearl earring, so, maybe this day is special.

Maybe, today, she is special.

And maybe, the pearl earring is her quiet rebellion.


Girl with a pearl earring by Niklas Lindskog



Niklas Lindskog has an uncanny ability to capture these moments in life when the eyes tell no lies.

When there is an honesty so truthful one cannot help but to feel it, too.


In the Car by Niklas Lindskog

Pause. Feel. Live.


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