NEW Photographer: Rasmus Norrbygård

A Limbo between worlds with an eerie sense of home

Photo Art By Rasmus Norrbygård | SPART

Rasmus Norrbygård, one of the winners in the category ”Single Image Up to 29” in Gothenburg Street Photo Festival’s photo competition in 2021, invites us to explore the dark.

Or rather, the border between wherever we are and whatever lies beyond.

Photo Art | SPART

A border where fog is often the keeper of the gate.

Photo Art | SPART

A sometimes lonely and hostile place, like in the winning image Radiation Fog seen above.

Photo Art | SPART

But, there is a sweetness to the melancholy. A warmth to the cold, and something familiar to the... unfamiliar.
An alluring limbo between worlds, with an eerie sense of home.

Photo Art | SPART

There is an otherworldliness about the young photographer Rasmus Norrbygård’s imagery, with an almost cinematic touch. Inviting us to experience seemingly contradictory emotions; s
olitude and belonging, déjà vu while being a stranger in a strange land.

Leaving a trace of a question lingering in the air, where do I belong?

Stroll the borderland with Rasmus Norrbygård

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