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Perhaps it's the suggestive nature...

Photo Art | Misty Mountains II By Cecilia Svensson | SPART

Cecilia Svensson has a way of bringing us into her own world, infused by a sense of magic realism – in the case of Cecilia’s art a cross between a John Bauer-inspired painterly narrative, and our own.

With her own daughter often playing the part of the subject, like in Whimsical Dreams below:

Photo Art | Whimsical Dreams By Cecilia Svensson | SPART

But what makes Cecilia’s imagery so alluring is not what she shows us, but what she doesn’t show us.
Only hinting of the supernatural, letting our minds wander on their own.
Extending her art into our own imaginations.

Photo Art | Sleeping Wild By Cecilia Svensson | SPART

Where is this little girl sleeping?
 What brought her there? And what is the significance of the color of her dress?
The suggestive nature of Cecilia’s imagery is perhaps what makes it… art.

Photo Art | Follow Your Path By Cecilia Svensson | SPART

At SPART Cecilia Svensson is one of our most loved photographers, and we are happy to announce that a selection of her works is now available as Face mounted Plexiglas®.
Bringing her imagination even closer to ours.
Click the image below to view Cecilia’s curated Plexiglas® collection:

Photo Art | Plexi Another Flower By Cecilia Svensson | SPART

View Cecilia Svensson´s collection of prints 


PS. If you want to read more about Cecilia and her art, there is an interview and you can read it here:


Cecilia Svensson Interview

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