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The World as a Walk-In Gallery

Art Photography | Street | Once a chair by Johan Brink

For Johan Brink the world is a walk-in gallery, you just have to see it. And when you do… It’s one of those things that cannot be unseen, a realization that cannot be undone.
That the four dimensional space that make up our everyday lives is a perfect composition, waiting to happen.
Ever in motion.
Always in composition, or not.
Depending on where, and when, you are.
A beauty bound by parallax, with mundane items mimicking the timeless flow of celestial life. Lending a certain... perspective, to our brief existence.
For instance, a short period of time later and the sun would have been out of composition in the poetic ”Once a Chair” above, as with ”Window Shadow” below, where every element is just in composition.

Street photography | Window Shadow by Johan Brink | SPART

And if you zoom out – another day and the red vespa in "Red Vespa Green Fence " would have been parked somewhere else, regardless of where the sun would cast its shadow.

Art Photography | Street | Red Vespa Green Fence by Johan Brink

These compositions are a very precise result out of a myriad of possibilities.

Conversations that turned out one way instead of another, somewhere down the line leading to a decision to hang two fins on a wall…

Dried Fish by Johan Brink | Street Photography SPART

But is it all by chance?
The flow of time, churning out art on a statistically recurring basis?
Because for all these compositions the common denominator is a ”celestial body" with its own volition.
Johan Brink.
Placing himself, pacing himself.
That our everyday lives are art, in motion.
And that the world is a walk-in gallery.

The world through the eye of Johan Brink

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