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Victoria Khatib: Risqué Escapism in the Symbol of Excess

Monaco Grand Prix 2014


For some it is the dream life, for others what Victoria Khatib captures is the dream of glamour and beauty being livedAnd by having access to places most of us will never see, the eyes of Victoria places us in the middle of it all.
Just imagine opening your balcony door and being greeted by the legendary F1 circuit in Monaco. Or having a lazy day at your hotel for the month…
– Are you the one trying on shoes in the window, or are you the one watching?

Waldorf Astoria

Or is it perhaps more of a "day after," still thinking shoes are a bit tricky...

Place du Casino | Victoria Khatib

Victoria Khatib, who has exhibited her art in Monaco, Nice, Switzerland, and Sweden, gives us escapism in the idea of a carefree life. Often set in the symbol of excess itself – Monaco. Sometimes quirky, often risqué… Because the carefree life is perhaps not without boredom.
What would you do?

The bag by Victoria Khatib

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