NEW Photographer: Jón Páll Vilhelmsson

SPART Proudly Presents: Jón Páll Vilhelmsson

Krossar IV By Jón Páll Vilhelmsson | SPART

Get to know our new photographer Jón Páll Vilhelmsson, the master of capturing the moods of Iceland who has now graced us with a trove of his most appreciated works.
Read our interview with Jón Páll titled ”Between Art and a Hard Place” here:


To The Interview

With that said,
what Jón Páll has done over the years is quite extraordinary. Balancing a career as a professional photographer in the small country of Iceland while pursuing a calling as an artist.
And finding a way for his inner voice to shine through the commercial noise, lending an air of unique artistry to his compositions.

Photo Art By Jón Páll Vilhelmsson | SPART

Sometimes with a raw, harsh, coldness.

Photo Art By Jón Páll Vilhelmsson | SPART

Sometimes via the black innards of Iceland itself.

Photo Art By Jón Páll Vilhelmsson | SPART

And sometimes through a painterly capture of something almost ethereal, and... timeless.
Although if you read the article you will understand why Jón Páll would most likely call these words ”blah blah blah” and insist the art should speak for itself.
Which it does.

View Jón Páll Vilhemsson´s Collection

Speaking of which...

As our prints are now available in over 30 countries across the world, we are even happier to introduce our new frames. We weren’t happy about stuffing panorama images into standard sized frames so we had our own Panorama Box frames made for us, and combined with Jón Páll’s images they truly look stunning.
But, there is also something more.

Plexiglas® mounted images

These laminated prints are made to last, sandwiched between UV resistant and optically clear acrylic from Plexiglas in Germany and supporting the image from the back is a sheet of DiBond aluminium composite. This is as close to future proof we can get. Thirdly, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by our Creative Director and the Photographer making sure that provenances are never in doubt.

Photo Art By Jón Páll Vilhelmsson | SPART


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