INTERVIEW: Björn Persson

Soul Of The Leopard | SPART

Filip Svensson has had a long talk with one of the greatest nature- and art photographers of our time, Björn PerssonThis long read delves deep into the origins of Björn's art, and into the very gravity of the cradle of mankind.

”The elephant approached our car and leaned over, looking straight at me with those wise amber colored eyes. And something happened, within me. I felt incredibly inferior. Like a mosquito. And that moment became something I wanted to explore.”

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NEW images

We are also proud to announce that we now have several new images by Björn Persson in our gallery, such as the stunning The Last Ones:

The Last Ones | SPART

And the timeless Nirvana...


Nirvana | SPART


Björn Persson has exhibited in the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London and is currently on display at The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

We are proud to present Björn's breathtaking works in our gallery.


View Björn Persson´s Collection 


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