New Photographer | Mikael Carlsson

"To See, or Not to See"...


Banner of Berlin by Mikael Carlsson


...That is our question. Is it better to let chance take you where it wants you go ( or stay ) or do you battle chance and go across a distant sea with purpose of thought and mind.


Banner of Lisbon by Mikael Carlsson


Wonder what the Danish Prince of yore would have pointed his camera at if he had one back then in that chilly Danish castle.

But here we have a Swede with a purpose and his weapon of choice is the camera, and he goes to distant shores and travelling back he brings us a discovered country as he sees it.

Early morning light casts shadows in a passageway at Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong 2021  - Mikael Carlsson


Regardless of where he points his lens be it in Berlin, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Stockholm or Mexico there is something dystopian yet “clean” about his images...

.... I asked for one with everything from Van Hot Dog... careful what you wish for was never more apt...


Photo art of a sausage stand a late night in 2018 in Vancouver, Canada



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