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The Best Camera?

Photo Art | :07.07 By Kjartan Már Magnússon | SPART

Most often people use this line and give credit to Ansel Adams (your’s truly included) which, unfortunately is totally wrong. It wasn’t Ansel but rather Chase Adams who as late as 2009 published a book on photography called, wait for it....

As for why the Graphic Designer chose to scream at us we can forgive them for the hallow laws of internet etiquette had not been carved into our collective stony hearts yet.

He’s not wrong though. 

Photo Art | Trip Tych By Kjartan Már Magnússon | SPART

...And we do have a camera omnipresent almost grafted into our bodies since it hardly ever leaves our hands but we still think of it as a mobile phone which doesn’t make sense anymore since no one seems to call anyone anymore. Isn’t it more like a camera that you can call someone with? (apart from all the other stuff of course)

Photo Art | :20.58 By Kjartan Már Magnússon | SPART


So what would an established advertising photographer with deep technical knowledge and years of international experience show us? What is his perspective, his story written with light like?

We present Kjartan Már Magnússon, a son of Iceland, educated in Sweden, who earned his dues in France and the US and he has the “best” camera.


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Photo Art | :18.49 By Kjartan Már Magnússon | SPART

P.S. Oh, but Ansel Adams did say: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” 

We couldn't agree more.

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