About Cookies

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer when visiting a website. It’s a way to improve the functioning of a site. For example they enable us to remember what’s in your shopping cart, keep track of settings, and to personalize your experience on SPART. 

Does SPART use cookies?

Yes, we use two different kinds of cookies. Session Cookies and regular cookies. Session Cookies are used to save what’s in your shopping cart, language preferences and what web browser you are using. Session Cookies are stored in a temporary memory location and are deleted when your session is closed, which means no personal data is stored with these cookies and your session is completely anonymous until you log in on the website. Regular cookies are used to keep track of where you navigate on the website. These cookies are saved for a maximum of 1 day. 

Are cookies bad?

No, cookies in themselves are harmless. But cookie information makes it available to track user behaviour on a website.

What happens if I don’t accept cookies?

You can decide if you want your browser to accept cookies. If you don’t want to accept cookies you can still browse for products and read information on our site. Unfortunately you cannot add products to your bag, log in or make a purchase.


More info

If you want to read more about cookies, you’ll find more information at your local Post and telephone board.
How to change cookie preferences in your browser
You can find cookie preferences in the Settings menu of your specific browser. 


Cookie policy

Your software firewall can also in some cases block cookies, for further information about this see your user manual / help file for your firewall.