SPART Photo Frames Reference guide. Photo Frames in black, white and oak.
Sometimes it can be difficult to know which size of photo frame is best for you.
The picture above illustrates the size ratio of our photo frames in relation to other furnishings and to each other.

SPART Photo Frames comes in white, black, and oak, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

All frames are made in FSC-certified wood with an acid-free insert which ensures your print will stand the test of time.

For our acrylic frames (17x28mm) the plexiglas makes for a lighter and more durable frame. A high quality frame with a sense of premium.

The robust yet artistic expression is nuanced by the box-format of the frame (20x30mm), giving you the option of either placing your print in the back of the frame, creating a space for the piece to breathe, or placing it by the glass for the most vivid visual experience. The float glass used gives the frame an added sense of gravitas, while providing the best color rendition for the print with excellent contrast and clarity.