Returns & Complaints

Right of withdrawal

As a consumer, according to the Distance and Home Sales Act 2005: 59, under certain conditions you have the right to cancel your purchase within 30 days, from the day you received the product. You, as a consumer, have the right to examine the product. Upon return, the product must be complete and in an unchanged condition. If you are not careful and use or handle the product in a way that is not necessary to examine it, you may be liable to reimburse Spart for the depreciation of the product.


What applies to companies?

The right to a 30 day withdrawal does not apply to companies. It also does not apply to customers who shop via the municipality and county council, sole proprietorship or a non-profit association. You therefore have no right to cancel your purchase. You also do not have the right to exchange or return your product.


Returning your product

Do you want to return your product? Contact us at and we will guide you. We will send a return slip to you digitally or by post, so that you can return your product via your local post or parcel office. 


Return cost

The return cost is 89 SEK. If you paid in advance the amount will be deducted from your refund. If you have an unpaid invoice, we will change the invoice amount and you will only pay for the return cost.


Contact SPART before making a return

Before sending your product back to us you have to contact us to have your return approved. If you do not do so, we disclaim all responsibility for the product and any costs that apply to it. 


Why do I have to contact SPART before making a return?

Before sending your product back to us, you must contact us to have your complaint approved. This also applies if we have sent you a faulty product. In connection with complaints and warranty matters, we are responsible for the shipping cost. As a private person, according to the Consumer Purchase Act in Sweden, you have a 3-year right to make a complaint for products purchased after 1 April 2005.



Unredeemed parcels

If a parcel is not picked up from the delivery point within 7 days, it is normally sent back to the sender. We will charge a fee of 180 SEK for unredeemed parcels. Read more about unredeemed parcels in the terms of purchase.


Reclaim your product

If there is something wrong with your product, or if it is damaged in any way, contact us at and we will fix the error as soon as we can.


Transport damage during pick up

If you discover a transport damage when collecting your parcel, ask the delivery point to return the parcel immediately. Then contact our customer service and we will reclaim your order to our freight partner and help you place a new order.



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