Interview with Robert Hellström

One of the world's best music photographers...

Photo of Airbourne 1990 by Robert Hellström


We have finally meet Robert Hellström, a music photographer who lives in the small railway metropolis Herrljunga in western Sweden.

Even though he has only photographed rock music since 2015 he has received accolades as one of the best music photographers. He is a master of transmitting that tremorous feeling and mood from the concerts through his images.


"Often the best images are made with pure instinct but sometimes because he has done his homework.


– Some bands have their thing. Like Airbourne. The singer usually rides on stage on the shoulders of one of the security guards. Then he crushes a beer-can against his head!


Very photographic!"


- From the interview with Robert.  




Interview with Robert Hellström  


Robert Hellström does it so well that he has won the Gold Prize from one of Europe’s most prestigious photo contests, Prix de la Photographie. The image from Sweden Rock Festival in 2018 of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson with a full size Spitfire Fighter aircraft suspended above is already legendary.

We are proud to present Robert's breathtaking works in our gallery.  


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